Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rain Barrels Idea

"Rain Barrels -- Save water the old-fashioned way, with a few of these plastic gallon-catchers. Know that all your water will be going to good use, and it helps recycle. Rain barrels are available in different sizes from 20 gallons to the whopping 65-gallon models. Single barrel prices start at $114.95."
-Being Ed,

Taking cue from this, include that in your household to save water and recycle water for other things. Being in a tropical country, we are blessed with rainy seasons where the water overflows, and a very humid and hot season where water is scarce at times.

This rain barrel not only gives us a chance to save the environment, it also saves money. Accumulate rain water to clean out your garage/sinks/etc., water your plants or clean your car. Just remember to keep the barrels covered to make sure you don't grow mosquitos!

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